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Lacrosse Practice
Brooke Frederickson


Lacrosse in Week Three of Fall Practice

The Utah lacrosse team has been in fall practice for three weeks, beginning with a tryout period before moving into fall practices. The Utes are preparing for a Red/White game on Oct. 13 (10:00 a.m.) and will travel to UMBC for a fall scrimmage on Oct. 20.
A big focus of fall practice has included bringing a significant number of freshman up to speed as well as skill development.
"We are doing constant team work, " Utah head coach Brian Holman said. "The biggest part of where we are right now is ingratiating a lot of freshmen with some of the older players and trying to get them to be on similar pages. Getting them to understand what it's like to practice at the Division I level. That's the biggest of focus of the staff, as well as continuous skill development. Fall is a really good time to work on skill development, since the spring is when we will be focusing on game planning. We want to install 50-percent of what we are going to need for this arena. If we had an older group with veterans and experienced players our goal would be to install 90-percent, but we will get there."  
"There is a sense of team already, and we all love that," Holman continued. "I think that's a huge part of our coaching philosophy. We talk about how effort and attitude can carry you a long way, especially early on, and there haven't been many days when our players haven't been trying hard. I'm pleased with the freshmen. I see them trying to understand more and more what life as a Utah lacrosse player is going to be like. I'm happy with those guys – they may not always think that, but I am. Many freshmen come in with built in habits and a lot of them need to have those broken down and built back up again. We spend a lot of time on that. The older guys are doing a good job as well, because that's where it starts. I have so much faith and confidence in that group as human beings. I think their trust in the system and the process carries over to the younger guys. They set the tone. We're excited. We are what we are, and it's a constant evolution. Every day is so different, it's why we love what we do."



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