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Live scores and commentary are available here

PROVO, Utah—Live scores and commentary from tonight's between No. 3 Utah and BYU will be posted below. The meet starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time and will be televised live on BYUtv and streamed.
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Haley Pitou 9.775 Kari Lee 9.850
Angel Zhong 9.725 Cristal Isa 9.675
Shannon Evans 9.825 Macey Roberts 9.900
Abbey Miner 9.800 Alexia Burch 9.875
Avery Bennett 9.825 MaKenna Merrell-Giles 9.900
Rebekah Bean 9.825 MyKayla Skinner 9.975
VT: 49.050;  Running: 49.050 VT: 49.500; Running: 98.650
Utah Vault Notes: Kari Lee is getting so much more height and distance on her vaults this year. She pulled off a beauty on that one with only a barely
noticeable step on the landing. One judge gave her a 9.90. Cristal Isa had some issues on that vault. Her chest was low on the vault and hte landing. Stunning
vault by Macey Roberts was rewarded with a career-high 9.90. Worth every 10th. It was a beauty. That was Alexia Burch's best career vault as well.
She might have gotten a 9.90 had she not followed Macey, whose vault was just a bit better. MaKenna Merrell-Giles had her usual distance and great form and
the deduction came on her landing. For the second straight week, MyKayla Skinner just nailed her double twisting Yerhenko. For the second week, she got a 10.0
from one judge.
Helody Cyrenne 9.800 Kim Tessen 9.100
Abby Boden 9.750 Hunter Dula 9.750
Abbey Miner 9.650 MaKenna Merrell-Giles 9.825
Natasha Marsh 9.850 Missy Reinstadtler 9.850
Haley Pitou 9.800 Cristal Isa 9.850
Shannon Evans 9.875 MyKayla Skinner 9.875
UB: 49.075; Running: 98.125 UB: 49.150; Running: 49.150
Utah Bar Notes: Kim Tessen had an absolutely beautiful routine going but dropped to her knees on her dismount. Hunter Dula looked great in her first college
bar routine.All I saw was a slight hop on landing. MaKenna Merrell-Giles also had nice swings, nice handstands and she stuck her landing. Beautiful
routine by Missy Reinstadtler. The only deduction I saw was slightly split legs on her handstand on the low bar. Stuck the dismount. Cristal Isa delivered
another nice bar routine. Moved fast and confidently. I think the deductions came on a handstand that wasn't quite straight and her knees were a little soft
on her dismount (although no hop).  I'm not sure what the deductions were on that pretty routine by MyKayla Skinner.
Cheyenne Hill 9.800 Alexia Burch 9.775
Abbey Miner 9.900 Missy Reinstadtler 9.825
Helody Cyrenne 9.850 Kari Lee 9.850
Natasha Marsh 9.900 MaKenna Merrell-Giles 9.850
Abby Boden 9.875 Adrienne Randall 9.875
Shannon Evans 9.800 MyKayla Skinner 9.800
BB: 49.325; Running: 147.450 BB: 49.200; Running: 197.250
Utah Beam Notes: Alexia Burch was rock solid up on the beam. Not a bobble and very aggressive. They gave a whopping deduction on a poor landing
(step, bad feet). MIssy Reinstadtler looked much more like her old self on beam tonight, although she had a balance check after her series and her chest
was down a big on her landing. I usually don't use exquisite twice in one night, but that describes Kari Lee's routine. She was gorgeous from start to finish.
Hit everything, clean leaps, etc., stuck landing. I can't believe how far MaKenna Merrell-Giles has come with poise and confidence since her freshman year.
She missed a connection on her leap series and calmly nailed her flight series, then came back and re-did the leap series perfectly. Way to go Kenna! Adrienne
Randall is at one with the beam.That was just an amazing routine. She is so clean, confident, aggressive and steady. I saw one very small balance check
coming out of her ring jump and her feet were planted on her landing, but she might have raised a little. MyKayla Skinner had a little wobble on the beam and step
on her double back dismount, but the rest of the routine was rock solid.
Abby Boden 9.725 Macey Roberts 9.850
Natasha Marsh 9.075 Adrienne Randall 9.625
Brittney Vitkauskas 9.775 Kari Lee 9.875
Abby Miner 9.825 Sydney Soloski 9.825
Briana Pearson 9.800 MaKenna Merrell-Giles 9.900
Shannon Evans 9.900 MyKayla Skinner 9.950
FX: 49.025; Running: 196.475 FX: 49.400; Running: 148.050
Utah Floor Notes: Macey Roberts is on fire tonight. That's one of the best floor routines I've seen her do. Extremely clean.
In her first floor routine to count, freshman Adrienne Randall showed she has exquisite form. She landed her first pass (a full in) low and I'm guessing
she might have received a deduction on her pike double back, but I am surprised at the score. That was a Kari Lee routine. I really like her new routine by
the way. Great dance and stuck all of her tumbling passes other than a step on the first pass.You aren't' going to see a more perfect double layout than
the one Sydney Soloski performed and that was a great routine. I am completely baffled at the big deductions. Gorgeous routine by MaKenna Merrell-Giles.
She has beautiful lines and had great height on her tumbling, which she stuck cold. Once again, I liked MyKayla Skinner's routine for a 10.0. She looked perfect.
Her tumbling blows my mind and I get dizzy just watching all those twists.
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